Friday, February 22, 2008

Exlusive Interview with Eva Mendez;

Yes, we have the exclusive interview with Eva Mendez, you will be seing her on the New High School Musical, and a few Hannah Montanna episodes! She is a regular member, and was more than willing to participate in a interview discussing her teenage life.

her stardoll username: *Abercrombie99*

Q) Is Miley Cyrus nice in real life?

A) Miley Cyrus is great, she's kinda self-centered @ times, but otherwise she could be your total bff.

Q) Who have you met, that are famous?

A) I have met Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus, Noah Cyrus, Selena Gomez, The Disney 365 cast, Dolly Parton, Victoria Justice from zoey 101,Ashley Tisdale and the Jonas Brothers.

Q) Who was your favorite?

A) Selena Gomez is my fave.

Q) Why?

4)She's so sweet and she showed me the Wizard's of Waverly Place set. =)

Q) Would you consider your life different than us average teenagers?

A) My life style is a little different than the average teen. But not totally. I'm always traveling, so I'm not in school. I guess you could say I'm tutored. But just because I'm gonna be on HM, doesn't mean I'm not just like you.

Q) Whats different?

A) Well of course not going to a normal highschool, and hangin out w/ Miley is different. One day I'll be in LA the next in NYC.

Q) Whats the same?

A) The same, well I com on stardoll like y'all. I read US weekly. I hang out w/ my family. I love to shop, and I stink @ math. lol

Q) Anything else you want to add in?

A) Well I'll add in that I grew up in the same town as the Jo Bros and went to the same school as them. And.. I just got a message that I won the Mary-Kate and Ashley suite contest. Check out my album!
Thanks so much~ Eva Marie xoxo

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hold Up

I did like 20202020020202 post;s today. Probably because I am miserable bored. lol

Brit Brit Brit :]

Whoah. Remember these days of britney spears? She is personally my rolemodel.
I am 100% her fan. meaning I support EVERYTHING she does.


Our prefume preference? For the more higher ended budgets, we concluded that Aquolina Pink Sugar TM
was the best- SWEET smelling prefume. Its smells like
the way you imagine cupcakes smelling, kind of like pink
sweet, frosting. For our classic prefume lovers we found
that VERA WANG PRINCESS came in first, runners up
where Dolce and Cabanna light blue and DKNY delicious
night. Thanks for reading!

Three Sephora MUST HAVES

My brother likes our site! He approves :]

haha. :]] AS YOU CAN SEE ; my little bro is navigating around our site! Hey it must be ausome lol

xx.beautyund.xx personal post

my baby brother named Ryan :], he is 17 months old. And i am in love with him hehe.
Here are some pics of him.. <3 I have like 600 so, I will post them all on different days!

Some Stardoll Brands

This took me forever to make!

Okay, this was just for fun and to gain some experience.. Check this out!
I made it myself!! YAY!

Uh oh Mileyy

Leaked photos of Hannah Montanna Star Miley Cyrus.

But aren''t these typical teenage poses? i dont see the BIG deal??

The new Hollisted Product!

Yes, its truee :}! Hollister finally realised their Hollister SO CAL body lotion. Their retail price? $19.50. I know As soon as I go into hollister I am picking myself up one of these.. Another reccomendation Malia- prefume = AMAZING. :]

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Competition./.

This morning (February 2, 2008) my friend emailed me saying she think she won the mary kate and ashley olsen contest. I am working on an interview with her right now! As soon as I find out if she won, and interview her you know it will be posted up!!

Stardoll Cheates; Codes and Password stuff

I am not trying to offend anyone in my club. If you do these so called "Make overs", or give people "codes", with passwords included. I have been very dumb with my account, and it has gotten hacked into more than one time. Within my first week on stardoll I wanted more stardollars, and this girl (wont mention names, she has stopped and is my friend now) told me that she could give me a makeover and 200 stardollars. I was verrrry naive and gave her my password. Luckily I was able to save my account! I clicked the forgot your password link, and it was sent to my email. I also have another trick to get accounts back.. But that information you will have to speak directly to me. ( I dont want hackers to see my new password plan) ANyway, back to my story.. So I got my password back and got into my account, she messages me hey I forgot your password can you re-give it to me? I said No, LIAR! lol :].

-- My lesson learned. Never give passwords out,

Some good ways hacker's use to make themseleves seem realistic and honest

- I will give you a makeover if you buy me stardollars after

Whey they say this: THey are trying to make you think that their is going to be an after. Like you are really going to get your account back!

- Want a giftcode, or want me to buy you stardollars?

Why they say this: Because they want to make you feel like they are doing you a favor, but in reality they are trying to steal from you.


I interviewed a Stardoll Hacker, (i will not give her stardoll screenname, we were lucky for her participation and I promised I wouldn't)

xx.beautyund.xx- Around how many accounts have you stolen from people?

Ashley- Around eight, and 5 of them were superstars.

xx.beautyund.xx- What do you do with the accounts once you steal them?

Ashley- Usually I spend their money on things that I dont have money for, or I buy presents for myself. Sometimes I do it so i can dressup the newest "Superstar" celebs.

xx.beautyund.xx- Do you feel guilty. I mean, these people trust you and you sit their and stab them in the back?

Ashley- Not really...

xx.beautyund.xx- So what method have you found worked the best?

Ashley-I usually say that once I give them stardollars they have to give me a gift, or I tell them t hat my aunt works on stardoll so I have all of the codes.

xx.beautyund.xx- thanks for sharing that, so we know what to look out for. So if i buy you stardollars will you promise not to steal accounts anymore?

ashley- wait is this a trick?

xx.beautyund.xx- LOL yes, I dont want your password. I was throwing in another example of things hackers say, and seeing if you were responsible with your passwords.

Ashley- Okay?

xx.beautyund.xx- WEll thanks for helping our segment on preventing password theft!

Ashley- your welcome


Look forward to more interviews with the latest stardoll winners and covergirls!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Stardoll Lying to us?

I highly doubt ANY of the "real celebs" have time to go on stardoll and "dressup dolls". Even though members think since they have video blogs or something for proof- DUH! They pay these celebs to pretend to have stardolls...... What do you think? Do you see these girls playing on stardoll?

no offense, but they look sleezy. Who really wants to look up to slutty girls?

Some more makeup looks!

How to do this Make-up

-Model #2- Use a light peachy color for lip gloss, preffered brand (Dior). Use (Dior) matte foundation, and blush. For the eyes get a sky- blue eye color- Urban Decay (prefered). Line the bottom and top of eye making a cute, bubbly smokey-like look.

-Model #3- Urban decay (shimmery eyeshadow- golden hue), along with a pair of fake lashes (too faced- reccomnded brand). FOr the lips use benefits -lip plumper.

Model #4- Use urban decay colorless gloss- and eyeshadow nuetral to skin tone. Use a peachy blush. And suggested eyeliner/mascara are from benefit.(bad gal lash))

Sephora Makeup Urban Decay- tips

Inspired by:

Step 1
Apply a small amount of the Eyeshadow Primer Potion,
$15 all over the lids. Then smudge 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero,
$15 , along the upper and lower lash lines, including the inner rims.


Step 2
Using the Shadow Brush, $18 , highlight
brow bones and inner corners with
Eyeshadow in Blunt, $16, a shimmering golden beige.


Step 4
Using the Shadow Brush, $18, apply Eyeshadow in X, $16, to the center of the lids for a soft pop of peachy color. Finish with two coats of Big Fatty Mascara, $18.

Lips: XXX Shine Lip Gloss in Carney, $16.
Face: Afterglow Blush in Score, $17, Surreal Skin Mineral Makeup in Hallucination, $28.

Premire Of Girlicious

This was our Hot Topic for the week- Did you have a chance to watch the show? If not I reccomend you start!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Summer Clothing

These were our two favorite outfits for the week!.
This changes next saturday (february 17, 2008)

Good Stardoll/Reccomended Sites by us!

This site is ausome! ****(4 stars out of 5)

Its is a stardollmembers hard work payed off.
She browsed online everywhere to find the relevance
of stardoll brands and featured looks with the real-world
runway. PROPS to you! The site is amazing.

Here is the url:

2Nd reccomended site:

Get free images that really work for your stardoll presentation

heres the url:

Stardoll Plaza

Above are images of the well known Stardoll Plaza. Some famous Real brands on our site are; Sephora, DKNY, stuff by Hilary Duff, Mary Kate and Ashley brand, and Heidi Klum (jewelery line). Stardoll also has a few lines of their own. There brands are; Rio, fallen angles, pretty in pink, splendid, & others.

Navigating your way around the stardoll plaza:

Once you log into your stardoll page. GO to your mypage. Look above your suite at the little hotpink tabs at the stop. They should say "stardoll", the show, and "starplaza". Click on starplaza and wait for it to load. On the lower right hand side there is a navigtion bar. Click on Stardoll Fasion for different brands of clothes. Stardoll sparkles for jewelery. And the other tab is for sephora, and estee lauder makeup.

This is what the homepage on looks like. Stardoll is a website for young girls and boys to explore their fashion techniques. There are some cute clothing items that you can buy from the stardoll "mall", or what they call "The Stardoll Plaza". There are several different activities you can do on stardoll. Firstly, creating a medoll to resemble you. Second, dressing famous celebrities in clothing of your choice. You can also customize your "suite" and 'My page". Using stardoll requires the use of real money. Although many users still find stardoll fun, who are not allowed to purchase "stardollars". For whatever reason. If you do not buy stardollars there are lots of activities you cannot participate in! Read on some more of our entries, like creating a Medoll! And more.

Hey My stardoll Club members!

Finally we have our own Blog Space! This area will be used to help you navigate stardoll, and much much more!