Friday, February 22, 2008

Exlusive Interview with Eva Mendez;

Yes, we have the exclusive interview with Eva Mendez, you will be seing her on the New High School Musical, and a few Hannah Montanna episodes! She is a regular member, and was more than willing to participate in a interview discussing her teenage life.

her stardoll username: *Abercrombie99*

Q) Is Miley Cyrus nice in real life?

A) Miley Cyrus is great, she's kinda self-centered @ times, but otherwise she could be your total bff.

Q) Who have you met, that are famous?

A) I have met Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus, Noah Cyrus, Selena Gomez, The Disney 365 cast, Dolly Parton, Victoria Justice from zoey 101,Ashley Tisdale and the Jonas Brothers.

Q) Who was your favorite?

A) Selena Gomez is my fave.

Q) Why?

4)She's so sweet and she showed me the Wizard's of Waverly Place set. =)

Q) Would you consider your life different than us average teenagers?

A) My life style is a little different than the average teen. But not totally. I'm always traveling, so I'm not in school. I guess you could say I'm tutored. But just because I'm gonna be on HM, doesn't mean I'm not just like you.

Q) Whats different?

A) Well of course not going to a normal highschool, and hangin out w/ Miley is different. One day I'll be in LA the next in NYC.

Q) Whats the same?

A) The same, well I com on stardoll like y'all. I read US weekly. I hang out w/ my family. I love to shop, and I stink @ math. lol

Q) Anything else you want to add in?

A) Well I'll add in that I grew up in the same town as the Jo Bros and went to the same school as them. And.. I just got a message that I won the Mary-Kate and Ashley suite contest. Check out my album!
Thanks so much~ Eva Marie xoxo

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