Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Some more makeup looks!

How to do this Make-up

-Model #2- Use a light peachy color for lip gloss, preffered brand (Dior). Use (Dior) matte foundation, and blush. For the eyes get a sky- blue eye color- Urban Decay (prefered). Line the bottom and top of eye making a cute, bubbly smokey-like look.

-Model #3- Urban decay (shimmery eyeshadow- golden hue), along with a pair of fake lashes (too faced- reccomnded brand). FOr the lips use benefits -lip plumper.

Model #4- Use urban decay colorless gloss- and eyeshadow nuetral to skin tone. Use a peachy blush. And suggested eyeliner/mascara are from benefit.(bad gal lash))

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