Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stardoll Cheates; Codes and Password stuff

I am not trying to offend anyone in my club. If you do these so called "Make overs", or give people "codes", with passwords included. I have been very dumb with my account, and it has gotten hacked into more than one time. Within my first week on stardoll I wanted more stardollars, and this girl (wont mention names, she has stopped and is my friend now) told me that she could give me a makeover and 200 stardollars. I was verrrry naive and gave her my password. Luckily I was able to save my account! I clicked the forgot your password link, and it was sent to my email. I also have another trick to get accounts back.. But that information you will have to speak directly to me. ( I dont want hackers to see my new password plan) ANyway, back to my story.. So I got my password back and got into my account, she messages me hey I forgot your password can you re-give it to me? I said No, LIAR! lol :].

-- My lesson learned. Never give passwords out,

Some good ways hacker's use to make themseleves seem realistic and honest

- I will give you a makeover if you buy me stardollars after

Whey they say this: THey are trying to make you think that their is going to be an after. Like you are really going to get your account back!

- Want a giftcode, or want me to buy you stardollars?

Why they say this: Because they want to make you feel like they are doing you a favor, but in reality they are trying to steal from you.


I interviewed a Stardoll Hacker, (i will not give her stardoll screenname, we were lucky for her participation and I promised I wouldn't)

xx.beautyund.xx- Around how many accounts have you stolen from people?

Ashley- Around eight, and 5 of them were superstars.

xx.beautyund.xx- What do you do with the accounts once you steal them?

Ashley- Usually I spend their money on things that I dont have money for, or I buy presents for myself. Sometimes I do it so i can dressup the newest "Superstar" celebs.

xx.beautyund.xx- Do you feel guilty. I mean, these people trust you and you sit their and stab them in the back?

Ashley- Not really...

xx.beautyund.xx- So what method have you found worked the best?

Ashley-I usually say that once I give them stardollars they have to give me a gift, or I tell them t hat my aunt works on stardoll so I have all of the codes.

xx.beautyund.xx- thanks for sharing that, so we know what to look out for. So if i buy you stardollars will you promise not to steal accounts anymore?

ashley- wait is this a trick?

xx.beautyund.xx- LOL yes, I dont want your password. I was throwing in another example of things hackers say, and seeing if you were responsible with your passwords.

Ashley- Okay?

xx.beautyund.xx- WEll thanks for helping our segment on preventing password theft!

Ashley- your welcome


Look forward to more interviews with the latest stardoll winners and covergirls!

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